Before you buy that art easel

Before buying the big art easel, try these 3 Art Stations instead!
So many awesome art easels and ready-made art kits available, its easy to add to shopping cart. Art can be so much more than a kit or coloring book by adding a variety of art tools and supplies. Below are some ideas to get your child started!

The Natural Station
Painting large rocks or decorating stones that can be added to your garden or flower bed. Making a fairy or super-hero garden is so much fun! Add flowers or greenery for a personal touch.  Using natural painting tools such as sea sponge, potato, apple core, feathers or sticks allows the artist to explore many textures and great for sensory.

The 3D Creation Station
Fabric looping, craft sticks, feathers, cotton balls, mosaic with torn paper or small squares of cardboard. Any potential art medium that can add dimension to their custom art. Many of these items could be pooled together in a large plastic jar. A variety of 3D art supplies and a small dot of glue will intrigue most children to create a masterpiece. Keep them stored in a tub for a rainy day!

The “Professional” Station
Sculptures with drying clay, canvas art, variety of brushes, charcoals, pencils for shading, and color mixing can all be introduced very early. This gives your child an opportunity to explore what type of art is interesting. Crayola has many non-drying clays in natural colors that are more realistic for a pottery-type creation. You can also purchase drying clay from Amazon to make a special keepsake. Completing your creating session can last a few minutes or maybe an hour. A child’s interest will get longer each time you introduce a new idea. An example, painting in a high chair with a toddler is about a ten minute session at most! It may take more time getting the materials ready than the activity but that’s completely normal.

Creating can be messy but very rewarding for the artist. Use a size small adult t-shirt for easy clean-up. Most art can be done outside on a calm day, using a child size table cover with Press n’ Seal for easy clean up!

The key is having the items accessible for a quick session. Later they will be able to get the “art box” themselves and dive into a fun project. Being creative is a useful skill for years to come!