The early learning classic song can sometimes be the introduction to early learning and the beginning of recognizing the alphabet. Helping your child learn phonics early can jumpstart into an emergent reader. That ABC song can also train a child to need to race through the song they have memorized instead of alphabetical order being an auto response.

To help your child REMIX the ABC song, I have five tips for early phonic success:

 1. During play, ask open ended questions, get them talking about words. Flashcards are not the best way to learn. Flash cards encourage memorizing and not understanding.

2. Have a letter search! Using a sharpie, label items such as plastic eggs or smooth decorating rocks with letters. Finding and declaring what letter it is will keep learning fun.

3. In their play area, add items with wording such as a laminated menu in their play kitchen, add their name to items in their art supplies, add “real” food storage such as a large plastic milk jug or empty oatmeal box. Adding these items will increase letter recognition and introduce numbers.

4. Letter sounds can be an  outside activity as well. Using chalk, write their name or simple words underneath nature items they may collect. Rock, twig, grass, flower, bike and so on.

5. Purchase inexpensive sticker books with letters. What does that start with? Grab items from their toy area and let them put a sticker on it as they make the letter sounds. T-Teddy Bear, P-Pan, B-Ball. Be consistent with this and go through the alphabet in mix order every time they play! You will be amazed how many letter sounds they learn from a fifteen minute interaction!

Learning phonics will be the biggest challenge when getting ready for kindergarten pretesting. Put your mind and your child at ease with these simple low stress activities. By consistently working through the alphabet a section at a time, it will boost confidence and decrease the need to memorize from flashcards at the table.

You’ve got this!