5 Simple ways to increase Early Reading Skills

“Let’s read a book!”, you exclaim, knowing it something very important but not as interesting as that new toy or electronic game. Here’s how to make reading more FUN!

  1. Set up a quiet area in your living area where kids can go to relax and grab a good book! By including a soft chair or even an egg chair with sides gives them privacy, they will associate reading with being comfortable and cozy.  A comfy pillow would also work for a soft space. Add a special stuffed animal or in my grandson’s space we have Rex!  Agree that the books and special comfy items stay together.
  2. Have a variety of books. Fantasy is always a great starter, but adding “Real” people, animals, and books with texture will expand their learning opportunities. Add a seasonal book that will get exchanged with a new month. A special stuffed animal that matches the book such as Pete the Cat, etc makes it even more special.  Department stores like Kohl’s have many options at the checkout area every month.
  3. Outside the house are options such as visiting a bookstore, library or even while shopping at Target. Shop the book area for the new arrivals. Make goals of purchasing in the future. This will introduce the fun side of reading!
  4. Read a book anywhere! While waiting on food to be prepared, outside on a blanket (this is a favorite), during snack time, before snuggling in for the night.
  5. Add books to their play area. Books about cooking, menu’s, instructions from a toy, anything with words. You will be amazed how much more they add to their vocabulary on their own!

In conclusion, exposing your child to as many words as possible, even if they can’t read them now, will gain an expanded vocabulary. Language development is key to learning to read. Ask them to “turn the page”, discuss what happened or what they think will happen next while reading. Get them involved, add voices or special sounds. A book doesn’t need to be read word for word. Some books have very long paragraphs so condensing the wording helps in maintaining attention. Read a book a couple times and add to their cozy area, they will take it from there. Reading is so FUN!