3 Ways to Introduce Early Music

Have you wondered how to find musical talent within your child?  It can be introduced very early and built on as they grow.  No, you don’t need the battery-operated toys with sounds or a drum set!  You have all you need at your finger tips.

  1. Visiting a local coffee shop, children’s choir or performance.  Reach out to neighbors or friends that have middle schoolers playing an instrument.  Many family members have piano’s, guitars, or brass instruments in their house.  Request them to play a little something and let your child touch and respond to joining in the fun.  Music is usually only far away, such as church or a large event, bring it in small and close so your child can observe. An instrument “petty zoo” allows for actual real sound and effects by touch. 
  2. Create you own instruments! Empty boxes and wooden spoons, metal bowls, fill water bottles with beans, rice or aquarium stones.  Turn on some music and get with the beat!  Create a musical box or basket that you can carry outside with a Bluetooth speaker.  Musical beat encourages count and rhythm, both required for ready music later in development.  Marching also brings the full body together for coordination, a skill needed for bands or dancing. You can see how these small practices and build and potentially become a positive outlet later in life.
  3. Putting together a performance. Living room performances are the stepping stone to performing to a larger group.  Confidence is the key to success in becoming a leader, we have so many kids throughout my career in early education later become excellent dancers, speakers, college leaders and encourage others to succeed.  During their “show”, clap, be the ticket sales, create posters or set up the chairs.  Let them see you are willing to invest time in getting them started with even the smallest dream. 

Music is so much more than listening to Spotify, it’s a tool for math, measurement, coordination and confidence.  With just a few minutes, a child can be influenced by a positive interaction within your circle.  While waiting for dinner, adjust the UTube channel to a live instrument played by another child.  Its amazing to see how small steps will jumpstart their interest in the arts and what possibilities lies within your child.