Easy Pizza Garden for Kids

Need a reason to be mindful outside while experiencing the science of growth and how we get our food?  Make an easy Pizza Garden!  Taking a trip to a local nursery is a wonderful experience.  Choose the ingredients you want to grow such as oregano, basil, tomatoes or sweet peppers!  I suggest plants instead of seeds to start.  You may even choose a marigold to add color because marigolds take little space to your Pizza Garden. 

Items needed;  any large pot, quality bag of soil, garden gloves or plastic gloves (fertilizer in soil could irritate skin) and your special pizza ingredient plants!  

Planting together is a great way to involve your child in becoming vested in the care of the garden   Keep markers for care instructions and as a special touch, custom design markers on large popsicle sticks to add a personal touch.

This project takes minimal time but has lasting results!  Grab a pizza kit for a rainy-day activity and use some of your ingredients! 

Drying herbs is easy and add great flavor, store for winter to use!  This last year has definitely been a challenge for our local markets, this family project will often bring awareness to even preschoolers where our food comes from and how we can supply our own on the back patio!  Have a wonderful time in your Pizza Garden !